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Purchasing a Tyndall Pedic

Where can I buy Tyndall Pedic products? All of our Tyndall Pedic products are conveniently located in and around the Charlotte area. Click here to learn more about our various locations.

Can I buy your products online? At this time online purchase of Tyndall Pedic Health Solutions' products is unavailable. If you are interested in our products, but are unable to reach one of our locations, feel free to contact us at or call one of our locations to speak with a sales associate.

What are my financing options? At Tyndall Pedic, we want to work with you so that your buying experience is as comfortable as your new mattress! We have lots of financing options available, all at 0% interest. For more information, please visit our payment flexibility page.


What does delivery include? The no-hassle delivery of your mattress includes full set up and installation of your Tyndall Pedic mattress and foundation or adjustable base at no additional charge to you! Read more about what our Professional Advantage Delivery can do for you!

Can you remove my old mattress? Yes! This is also included in our Professional Advantage Delivery. If you do not want your old mattress, our team will remove it, at no charge to you, and it will go to a good cause, like one of the many local charities we partner with.

Do you ship anywhere in the USA? Yes! We accept and ship orders anywhere in the USA! For national shipping information contact us at

Do you ship to countries outside the USA? Yes! We are excited to offer worldwide shipping for the convenience of customers everywhere! If you are located outside of the continental USA, contact for international shipping information.


Where do your products come from? The entire Tyndall Pedic mattress line up is produced in North Carolina. We assure our customers that our factory performs to the highest standards and is dedicated to supplying quality-made products that are guaranteed to last.

What is the difference in Tyndall Pedic and other mattresses? At Tyndall Pedic, we strive to eliminate the problems our customers have had with any other mattress company. While springs press against your back and shoulders, our Tyndall foam cushions the body without pressure. Foam mattresses can cause you to overheat and wake up in an uncomfortable ditch, but our mattresses are designed to provide comfortable support and to regulate your body temperature. Beyond the design of our mattresses, our policies are focused on the customer, so you know you're getting the best products and services at the best price. Tyndall Pedic is also recommended by patients, doctors and professional athletes, who all claim their pain is gone and their lives are changed. That's what makes us more than a mattress. Click here to learn more about what makes Tyndall different.

Do you offer any kind of mattress protector? In fact, we do! We believe that your mattress is worth protecting, and we know that spills and accidents do happen. The protectors we offer even defend your mattress against dust mites, stains, fluids, bacteria and allergens.

Mattress Care

Do I need to flip or rotate my mattress? Our mattresses are essentially "flip-free". This means that you won't ever need to flip your mattress because of the ingenious way it was built. We do, however, suggest that you rotate your mattress about every 2 or 3 months to help prevent indentions in any one area.

What if my mattress starts sagging? If the indentions in your mattress exceed 1.5 inches while still under warranty it can be repaired or replaced. Remember to use the correct foundation with your mattress in order to ensure that it is properly supported. For more information on our excellent warranty, click here.

Why does my mattress look lop-sided? If your mattress looks lop-sided, please refer to our Mattress Care page. We recommend that you rotate your mattress on a regular 2 to 3 month basis to avoid any one area from sagging or gaining indentions.

Bases and Foundation

What kind of foundation should I use with my mattress? We recommend the use of a Tyndall Pedic foundation. Unlike many companies, we use solid wood construction topped with a layer of support foam. Our adjustable bases are perfect for elevating tired, achy legs and feet, and they even help relieve pain! Shop our incredible foundations and adjustable bases by clicking the links provided. For more information about which base is perfect for you, please contact us at

Can I use my current box spring/foundation with my mattress? In order to maintain the integrity of your new sleep system, which includes the mattress and base, we suggest that you purchase a new foundation along with the purchase of your new Tyndall Pedic mattress. Please note that the use of a mattress with an inappropriate foundation can void your warranty as well as be a potential fire hazard, as stated in our warranty.

What if I want an adjustable bed? Adjustable beds are great for many purposes! People who have acid reflux, injuries, migraines, back pain, or difficulty getting in and out of bed all say that they love the mobility and relief our adjustable bases offer. Even if you only use the feature to read or watch TV at night, our adjustable bases are helpful and user-friendly. Click here to shop our adjustable bases.


Do you ever offer discounts on your products? Yes! Tyndall Pedic is constantly looking for ways to help make our products more affordable for you. Visit our Promotions page to find out how much you can save now!

For additional questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact us by using the chat feature located in the bottom right corner of your screen, or stop by one of our locations.

Mattress Care

Mattress Care

1. Use on a proper foundation

Tyndall Pedic Sleep Systems are sold in sets, including the mattress and the foundation/adjustable base. These forms of support have been approved by our manufacturer and tested in our sleep centers. If you make a claim under warranty, your foundation/adjustable base will be inspected to make sure it has been purchased from an authorized Tyndall Pedic retail center and designed specifically for your mattress. See warranty for details.

2. Use with a mattress protector

To protect your mattress, Tyndall Pedic encourages the use of an allergy resistant, stain proof, antibacterial mattress protector. Stains and external tears are not covered in the mattress warranty, therefore if your mattress is defective but is also stained WITHOUT a mattress protector or torn, it will be VOID under warranty. While the mattress should be used with a mattress protector, the protector does not have to be purchased from an authorized Tyndall Pedic retail center. See warranty for details.

Our mattress protector is removable and washable, and if it is defective, it can be replaced under its own warranty..

3. Keep in sanitary conditions

Our trained specialists are not authorized or required to work with products that are unsanitary. If you make a claim under warranty requesting the repair or removal of your Tyndall Pedic mattress and a trained specialist deems the environment of the mattress to be unsanitary, the mattress will be VOID under warranty, and repair or replacement is no longer required by Tyndall Pedic.

4. Support with a proper center support

In addition to a proper foundation/adjustable base, your mattress must be supported by a proper center support. These forms of support have been approved by our manufacturer and tested in our sleep centers. If you make a claim under warranty, your center supports will be inspected to make sure that they are designed specifically for your mattress.

  • Do
  • Do Not
  • Suggestions
  • Rotate your mattress 180° every 2 to 3 months
  • Purchase a new foundation when purchasing a new mattress.
  • Keep your bedding sanitary and clean
  • Use a proper bed frame
  • Use a proper foundation
  • Have fire near the mattress/expose the mattress to open flame
  • Smoke in bed/near the mattress
  • Stand/jump on the mattress - this is considered abuse. See warranty.
  • Use liquids on/near the mattress, the mattress fabric is not covered under warranty
  • Place a board between the foundation and the mattress
  • Bend your mattress
  • Remove the law label (in the event the mattress needs to be repaired or replaced, the original law label must be provided for proof of ownership. See warranty)
  • Use dry cleaning fluids on your mattress
  • Purchase a mattress protector to ensure the sanitation of your mattress

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